My Projects

Hey, here is some of the stuff I am working on outside of my professional life in my spare time.


This is an engine written in c++ using OpenGL and some other libraries to accomplish the rendering. Currently I only support windows. You can checkout the project on GitHub.

Rituals and Ruins

The tentatively named global game jam 2016 project that I worked on. GGJ Project Page, GitHub

Ultra Gorilla Sphere

The hot new global game jam 2017 project! A super monkey ball-esk game where you click to push the gorilla sphere to the finish! Done in unity. GGJ Project Page, GitHub

Swap Man?

The 2018 global game jam project! This one was ambitions and it shows, still had a good time making it though! Done in Unity. GGJ Project Page, GitHub

Babayaga House

The 2019 global game jam project! You play as a house that gobels up children, avoid the police! GGJ Project Page, GitHub

TLC AKA Budget Cuts AKA Money Pit AKA Patches and the Manic Mansion

The OTHER 2019 global game jam project! You fix up a house using the tools you have. GGJ Project Page, GitHub

Final Handyman 6

The 2020 global game jam project! You play as a handyman the fixes demonic appliances. GGJ Project Page, GitHub